Some Days in October

I guess I’m finally back.


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They could try converting the Sims3Pack into a Package file and putting it into their Library folder. I do that sometimes when a lot won’t install through the launcher!

Thank you! That’s a great idea!

I downloaded your Tupa house and when I put it in the launcher it said my game software is outdated, yet when I clicked update it told me my game was up to date. Do you maybe know what the problem is? Because it's a gorgeous house and I want to actually use it. Thank you in advance and have a good day!

Oh no! :( I have no idea what could cause that but when I have problems with patches, I use this program

I don’t know whether it helps.

Does anyone else know how to fix this problem?

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have exams next week so I can’t be around much. But I’ll be back soon.

Hello! I have a question about your house you uploaded, can I make a other room where the front roof is? btw i think its a very cute house :D also may I used it for my Let's play on youtube for into the future I will credit you of course and link it to your tumblr.

Yes, of course you can do anything you want with that house :) I’m flattered that you want to use it in your Youtube video. Thank you :)

The cathedral from inside.

I had no time to play this week so I post some pictures from this cathedral I built a couple of weeks ago.

Hello beautiful person. Once you get this, you must share five random facts about yourself and then pass this into ten of your favorite followers! ❤ ` Love you btw ♥ `

Thanks for sending me this! You’re so sweet :) I’m sorry for the late reply. I’ve been really busy with school during the week.

1. I don’t have a driving license.

2. I live in a city, in 9-story building, but when I look out of the window I see just square kilometers of woods.

3. I eat porridge with berries at breakfast.

4. I’ve studied Latin at upper comprehensive school. I remember what “elder sleep always late” is in Latin, but that’s pretty much it.

5. I have a presentation to give tomorrow D:

I won’t sent this forward this time. I hate picking my favorite followers when I love so many of your blogs. 

Hi, may I ask from where the mountain wall mural/painting is from /post/61936909261? Thank you in advance :) And your CAW project looks great!

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